About Us

House of stone is a UK based fashion brand established in 2017.

Our handmade dresses and accessories are affordable and caters to the fashion need of the modern day woman regardless of their age, race or creed.  

We are committed to putting African native batik fabrics at the forefront of all we do and this is evident in the design of  all our products. Our ability to fuse African print fabric with main stream fabrics such as Chiffon  and lace, to mention a few, puts us at the cutting edge of fashion today.  

We are also committed to making unique hair accessories that complements your fashion sense regardless of where you're from.

Because we care for our planet, we try our best to make sure that we  use biodegradable materials which are  kind to the environment to make our products

 Our Materials are sourced from far away Africa where we  contribute to the trade economy and  continue to help disadvantaged women and children. 

Our made to measure bespoke service offers our customers the ability to  have their outfit made for a look that is uniquely theirs. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products that is why all our products go through quality assurance to maintain our high standard.